SPIKE moves to Automotive Campus Helmond

SPIKE Technologies moves its new headquarters from the Eindhoven University of Technology to the Automotive Campus Helmond, where it will open an office and production facility.

After its start in 2018, SPIKE was located at the TU/e innovation Space building at the university campus, where it got the opportunity to work on the first company assignments. However, due to the recent expansion of the team and upcoming production facility, it had to look for a new place to facilitate this growth.

This place was found in the Automotive Campus in Helmond, with whom SPIKE already was in close contact during the STORM period. The Automotive Campus is a logical place for SPIKE due to the strong automotive ecosystem with a lot of companies and organizations SPIKE is already working with. Besides that, the Campus has an excellent national and international reputation that is key for a start-up company such as SPIKE.

Lex Boon, director of the Automotive Campus, is happy to welcome SPIKE. ‘SPIKE is a nice addition to the ecosystem of our Campus. By combining the power of a variety of companies, organizations and institutions, we stimulate innovation and collaboration. Especially the young companies that originate from the student teams are doing great at the campus. Not only the campus organizations take advantage of that, the entire region does.’

SPIKE will open both an office and production facility, where the production of the first battery modules for a number of first clients will kick off soon.